Conference Program

(Tentative) Overall Program

Time/Date Wednesday, Nov 30th Thursday, Dec 1st Friday, Dec 2nd
8:00-8:30 Registration Registration Registration
8:30-11:00 Track Session 1
AmI for Health & A3L
(Ambient, Active & Assisted Living)
Chair: Jesús Fontecha
Track Session 4
Internet of Everything
(IoT + People + Processes) & Sensors
Chair: Iván González
Track Session 8
Smart Environments
Chairs: Macarena Espinilla,
Javier Medina & Chris Nugent
Track Session 9
Human Computer Interaction for AmI
Chair: Luis Castro
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-12:30 Opening
Chair: José Bravo
Track Session 5
Special Session
IoT: A brief introduction
Chair: José Bravo
Track Session 8 (Cont.)
Smart Environments
Chairs: Macarena Espinilla,
Javier Medina & Chris Nugent
Track Session 11
Security, Privacy & Trust for AmI
Chair: Pino Caballero
12:30-14:00 Keynote (O. Mayora)
“Patients Empowerment through
Virtual Coaching Technologies”
Chair: Jesús Favela
Keynote (D. Trojaniello)
“Designing Smart Health
technologies for elderly population”
Chair: Hussein López
Track Session 10
Special Session: Cybersecurity,
Network Analysis and Monitoring
for the Next Generation Internet
Chair: Daniel Díaz
14:00-15:30 Lunch
15:30-17:30 Track Session 2
AmI for Health & A3L
(Ambient, Active & Assisted Living)
Chair: Marcela Rodríguez
Track Session 6
Internet of Everything (IoT +
People + Processes) & Sensors
Chair: Joaquín Ballesteros
Show Cooking at Visitor Reception Center
Pl. del Triunfo, s/n, 14003 Córdoba
Guided Tour
17:30-18:00 Coffee Break
18:00-20:00 Track Session 3
AmI for Health & A3L
(Ambient, Active & Assisted Living)
Chair: Ramón Hervás
Track Session 7
Internet of Everything (IoT +
People + Processes) & Sensors
Chair: Hussein López
20:30 Welcome Reception Gala Dinner & Closing at Bodega Plateros – Restaurant
C. Queso, 5, 14002 Córdoba

Important note about presentation time:

For long papers the presentation time is 15 minutes: 13' for the presentation and 2' for questions.

For short papers the presentation time is 10 minutes: 8' for the presentation and 2' for questions.

Address of the place where the guided tour will start


The restaurant where the gala dinner will take place is Bodega Plateros, the address of the restaurant can be seen in the following image:

Gala Dinner
Security, Privacy & Trust for AmI
Friday, December 2nd (11:30h – 14:00h)
Analysis of SNOW-V software implementation (L) Jezabel Molina-Gil, Óscar Cigala Álvarez, Yanira González González and Irene Márquez-Corbella
Study and implementation of an interactive simulation of Quantum Key Distribution using the E91 cryptographic protocol (S) Daniel Escánez-Expósito, Pino Caballero-Gil and Francisco Martin-Fernandez
Detection of anomalies in the call flow of an Emergency Management Center (S) Carlos Rosa-Remedios and Pino Caballero-Gil
Smart-lock attack through bluetooth communications replication (S) Cándido Caballero-Gil, Rafael Álvarez, Jezabel M. Molina-Gil and Candelaria Hernández-Goya
Vulnerabilities of the SMS Retriever API for the automatic verification of SMS OTP codes in the banking sector (L) Amador Aparicio de la Fuente, M. Mercedes Martínez González and Valentín Cardeñoso Payo
Phonendo: A Platform for publishing wearable data on DLT (L) Francisco Moya, Luis Martínez and Fco Javier Estrella
Continuous Authentication on a Smartwatch (L) Mauro Migliardi, Stefano Marzio, Carlo Ferrari and Meriem Guerar
Interception of BLE communications in wearables: an application case (L) Adrián Seco Fontecoba, Pedro Fernández-Arruti Gallego, Carlos Dafonte and Francisco J. Nóvoa
BLE beacon system for smartphone secure tracking (L) Candelaria Hernández Goya, Ricardo Aguasca Colomo and Pino Caballero Gil
Health & A3L (Ambient Active & Assisted Living)
Session #1
Wednesday, November 30th (08:30h – 11:00h)
MoveLeg: An assistive device for the motor tele-rehabilitation of the lower limbs (L) Gustavo Castillón-Ramírez, Cristina Ramírez-Fernández, Alberto L. Morán, Ismael Hernández-Capuchin, Victoria Meza-Kubo, Karina Reyes-Lio and Eddie Clemente.
Association between objectively measured shoulder kinematics and fear avoidance beliefs in women with Latissimus Dorsi flap breast reconstruction (L) Nicole Blackburn, Ian Cleland, Chris Nugent, Joseph McVeigh, Eilis McCaughan and Iseult Wilson.
Validity of Using a Driving Game Simulator to Study the Visual Attention Differences in Young and Older Adults (L) Ernesto M. Vera-Uribe, Marcela Rodríguez, Josué S. Armenta and Irvin Hussein López-Nava Lopez-Nava.
Digital Twins-based Data Fabric Architecture to Enhance Data Management in Intelligent Healthcare Ecosystems (L) Aurora Macías, David Muñoz, Elena Navarro and Pascual Gonzalez.
Swarm Intelligence based Multi-agent Communication Model for securing Healthcare Ecosystem (L) Shareeful Islam, Patrizia Ribino, Mario Ciampi and Spyridon Papastergiou.
A Reusable Software Platform for Delivery of Digital Interventions (L) Federico Cruciani, Paul McCullagh, Catherine Saunders, Colm Hayden, Claudia Chisari, Ian Cleland and Chris Nugent.
Balance Evaluation by Inertial Measurement Unit (S) Marc Codina, Manuel Navarrete, David Castells-Rufas and Jordi Carrabina.
Emotion recognition from human gait using machine learning algorithms (L) Yulith V. Altamirano-Flores, Irvin Hussein Lopez-Nava, Iván González, Cosmin C. Dobrescu and David Carneros-Prado.
Convolutional Neural Network for Monkeypox Detection. (L) Vanessa Alcalá-Rmz, Karen E. Villagrana-Bañuelos, José M. Celaya-Padilla, Jorge I. Galván-Tejada, Hamurabi Gamboa-Rosales and Carlos E. Galván-Tejada.
The Effect of Socio-Temporal Factors in the Prediction of Home Healthcare Service Utilization (L) Ephina Thendral S.
Fine-Tuning AlexNet for Bed Occupancy Detection in Low-Resolution Thermal Sensor Images (S) Rebecca Hand, Ian Cleland and Chris Nugent.
Health & A3L (Ambient Active & Assisted Living)
Session #2
Wednesday, November 30th (16:00h – 18:00h)
NEARS-Hub, a Lightweight Edge Computing for Real-Time Monitoring in Smart Environments (L) Hubert Kenfack Ngankam, Maxime Lussier, Aline Aboujaoudé, Helene Pigot, Sébastien Gaboury, Kevin Bouchard, Mélanie Couture, Nathalie Bier and Sylvain Giroux.
The integration of NFC technology into the process of prescription-dispensation-administration of medication to patients over 65 years old at home (S) María Martínez Pérez, Pablo Regueiro-Morandeira, Ángel Gómez and Carlos Dafonte.
Comparison Between Running on a Treadmill in a Simulator and in a Video Game (L) Micaela Yanet Martin, Miguel Chover, Emilio Sáez Soro and Carlos Marín Lora.
A template-based method for automatic anthropometric measurements from multiple 3D scans (L) Nahuel Emiliano García D'Urso, Jorge Azorín López and Andrés Fuster Guilló.
Towards esophagitis and Barret's esophagus endoscopic images classification: an approach with deep learning techniques. (L) Karen E. Villagrana-Bañuelos, Vanessa Alcalá-Rmz, José M. Celaya-Padilla, Jorge I. Galván-Tejada, Hamurabi Gamboa-Rosales and Carlos E. Galván-Tejada.
First Experiences in the Process of Developing a Low-Cost Machine Learning Prototype Model using an Open Access Dataset of Chronic Kidney Diseases – A Case of Study (L) Ivonne Nunez, Nila Navarro and Juan Jose Saldana-Barrios.
Evaluation of the NOM-035 Smart Manager: a system for identifying the psychological risk factors levels of university academics (L) Hans Palafox, Joan Manuel Raygoza-Romero, Christian X. Navarro, Karina Bermudez, Hector Zatarain-Aceves and Karina Caro.
Is there a relationship between covid cases and the economically active population? Success story Ecuador (L) Susana A Arias T.
Study of different seat allocation strategies to reduce the risk of contagion among passengers in a public road transport system (L) Teresa Cristóbal, Alexis Quesada-Arencibia, Gabriel de Blasio, Gabino Padrón, Francisco Alayón and Carmelo R. García.
Health & A3L (Ambient Active & Assisted Living)
Session #3
Wednesday, November 30th (18:30 – 20:30h)
Elderly, their Emotions and Deep Learning Techniques to Help their Dignified and Positive Aging (L) Sixto Enrique Campaña Bastidas, Abel Méndez Porras, Ana Perandréz Gómez, Irene Moral Garcia and Lucia González.
Design and Evalutation of Proactive Behavior in Conversation Assistants: Approach with the EVA Companion Robot (L) Laura Villa, Ramón Hervás, Dagoberto Cruz-Sandoval and Jesús Favela.
Development of a quantitative tool based on Deep Learning for Automatic Apraxia Detection (DLAAD) (S) Santos Bringas Tejero, Rafael Duque Medina, José Luis Montaña Arnaiz and Carmen Lage Martínez.
Exploring the affordances of immersive visualization spaces: a use case about COVID-19 (L) Teresa Onorati, Clara Blanco Muñoz, Paloma Díaz and Ignacio Aedo.
On the monitorization of fear and anxiety in a Virtual Therapy Assistant for the treatment of animal phobias (S) Sonia M. González-Lozoya, Victoria Meza-Kubo, Alberto L. Morán and Cristina Ramírez-Fernández.
A recommendation ubiquitous system to personalize diet for children with obesity (L) Aurora Polo-Rodríguez, María Ariza, Ana María Rivas, Miguel Angel Carvajal Rodríguez and Javier Medina Quero.
Imitator: a mobile application for rehabilitation of emotion recognition (L) Damián Escobar Blázquez, Arturo Simón García Jiménez, Patricia Fernández Sotos, Antonio Fernández Caballero and José Pascual Molina Massó.
Towards an information screening-based model to cope with the negative impact of COVID-19 disease infodemic (L) Flor B. Montañez, Alberto L. Morán, Victoria Meza-Kubo, Gilberto Borrego and Cristina Ramírez-Fernández.
Analysis of Accelerometer Data for Personalised Abnormal Behaviour Detection in Activities of Daily Living (L) Matias Garcia-Constantino, Alexandros Konios, Irvin Hussein Lopez-Nava, Idongesit Ekerete, Mustafa A. Mustafa, Chris Nugent, Gareth Morrison and Pierre Pouliet.
Comparison of three supervised machine learning classification methods for the diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease (L) Ricardo Villagrana Bañuelos, Karen Estefany Villagrana Bañuelos, Manuel Alejandro Soto Murillo, Carlos Eric Galván Tejada, Jose María Celaya Padilla and Jorge Isaac Galván Tejada.
Monitoring of babies physical development according to AmI paradigm (S) Bernardo Alarcos, Susana Nunez-Nagy, Miguel A. Valero, Isabel Rodríguez, Cristina Serrano and Juan R. Velasco.
A proposal for data collection and process automatization for ubiquitous engagement with mental health organizations (L) Rafael Pablos-Sarabia, David Griol and Zoraida Callejas.
Internet of Everything (IoT + People + Processes) and Sensors
Session #1
Thurdsday, December 1st (08:30h – 11:00h)
Modulating Users' Involvement in Interactive Machine Learning Solutions: A Model Cascade Strategy (L) Oihane Gómez-Carmona, Diego Casado-Mansilla, Diego López-De-Ipiña and Javier García-Zubia
Domestic Violence detection using Smart Microphones (L) Abhimanyu Muraleedharan and Matias Garcia-Constantino
Towards recognition of driver drowsiness states by using ECG signals (L) Sarid García Pérez, Marcela Rodríguez and Irvin Hussein López-Nava
Human-AI collaboration to promote trust, engagement and adaptation in the process of pro-environmental and health behaviour change (L) Maite Puerta, Oihane Gómez-Carmona, Diego Casado-Mansilla and Diego López-de-Ipiña
Serverless security analysis for IoT applications (L) José M. Ortega-Candel, Francisco J. Mora-Gimeno and Higinio Mora-Mora
Analysis of hypervisor architectures for improving cybersecurity in IoT environments (L) David Berbegal-Esteve, Higinio Mora-Mora and Francisco J. Mora-Gimeno
Alexa, do what I want to. Implementing a voice spoofing attack tool for Virtual Voice Assistants (S) Eduardo Nacimiento-García, Cándido Caballero-Gil, Andrés Nacimiento-García and Carina González-González
Approach to a lower body gait generation model using a deep convolutional generative adversarial network (L) David Carneros-Prado, Cosmin C. Dobrescu, Luis Cabañero, Yulith Vanessa Altamirano Flores, Irvin Hussein Lopez-Nava, Iván González, Jesús Fontecha and Ramon Hervas
Development of a MIot Gait Tracking Platform (S) Manuel Navarrete, Marc Codina, Ashkan Rezaee, David Castells-Rufas, Armand Castillejo and Jordi Carrabina
A FaaS approach for long-term monitoring in rehabilitation (L) Pablo Serrano Gutiérrez, Inmaculada Ayala and Lidia Fuentes
Smart rollators as a cost-effective solution for a personalized assistance healthcare ecosystem in elderly communities (L) Manuel Fernandez-Carmona, Gabriela Verdezoto, Joaquín Ballesteros, Jesús M. Gómez-de-Gabriel and Cristina Urdiales
Internet of Everything (IoT + People + Processes) and Sensors
Session #2
Thurdsday, December 1st (16:00h – 18:00h)
Interference-aware power control for spectrum sharing massive-IoT communications (L) Ángel G. Andrade and Alexis Anzaldo
People's Detection in inaccessible indoor environments using an Arduino-based robot platform (S) Alexander Thompson, Nicolás Jara, Sebastian Castelo, Bryan Sanca, Antonio Bascur, Raquel Patiño Escarcina, Pedro O. Rossel, Silvia Elena Restrepo Medina and Jorge E. Pezoa
Orchestration Strategies for Enabling the Coexistence between 5G New Radio Access Technologies and Federated Scientific Instruments for Atmospheric Observation (L) Borja Bordel Sánchez, Ramón Alcarria, Joaquin Chung, Rajkumar Kettimuthu and Tomás Robles
Analysis and Deployment of a LoRaWAN Network at a University Campus (L) Marc Codina, Carlos Gomez, Manuel Navarrete, David Castells and Jordi Carrabina
Using a Distributed Sensor Network to educate children about IoT leakage of sensitive information (S) Alan Ibbett and Yeslam Al-Saggaf
Semi-Autonomous Point Cloud Mapping and Post-Processing of Data (L) Johan Olsson, Hugo Pettersson, Dennis Trollsfjord and Kåre Synnes
Open-Source, Decentralized Autonomous drone-based Delivery System (S) Priyanshu Sachdeva, Jasveer Kaur, Dr. Alexander Huhn and Dr. Thomas Schwotzer
Design and Implementation of a Professional Kitchen IoT Hub (S) Ferruccio Guicciardi and Matias Garcia-Constantino
Developing environmental adaptative comfort using Internet of Things and Business Process Management Application in a university building (L) Francisco Javier Ferrandez Pastor, Manuel Platero Horcajadas, Joaquin Antonio Lopez Davo and Virgilio Gilart Iglesias
Investigation of the Relationship Between Indoor Air Quality and Activity (L) Christopher Lawson, Paul McCullagh and Federico Cruciani
Internet of Everything (IoT + People + Processes) and Sensors
Session #3
Thurdsday, December 1st (18:30h – 20:30h)
Fostering multi-stakeholder collaboration through co-creation and Blockchain-based auditing and rewarding (L) Diego López-de-Ipiña, Julen Badiola, Daniel Lauzurica, Daniel Silva, Roberto Carballedo, Diego Casado-Mansilla, Elena Not, Chiara Leonardi and Pauli Misikangas
Change detection methods for images captured by stationary camera’s (S) Aya Elouali, Sandra Amador, Higinio Mora and Francisco J. Mora Gimeno
Towards Psychophysiological markers for Affect-aware Vehicles (L) Angel Jimenez-Molina, Francisco Díaz-Guerra, Cristian Retamal and Ángelo Guevara-Cue
A Predictive Waste Collection Management System: IoT Device for Smart Containers and System Architecture (L) Miguel Ángel Beteta, Rafael Maestre, Sergio Eduardo Abbenante, Andrés Lorenzo Bleda and Juan Luis Leal
Internet of Things (IoT)-Based System for Classroom Access Control and Resource Management (L) Gleiston Guerrero-Ulloa, Jonathan Villafuerte-Solorzano, Michael Yánez, Miguel J. Hornos and Carlos Rodríguez-Domínguez
An IoT-based System Architecture for Monitoring Hydroponic Growing in Urban Agriculture (L) Manuel Ibarra, Mario Aquino Cruz, Carlos Ramón Quispe Onofre and Sergio Ochoa
FreeDsm: an open IoT device for citizen light pollution monitoring (S) Arturo Silvelo, Carlos Dafonte, Daniel Boubeta, Ana Ulla, Minia Manteiga and Eduard Masana
Best practices for performance and data quality validation: a framework implementing the CEN/TS 17660 in air quality systems (L) Eduardo Illueca Fernández, Nuria Bernabé Mulero, Alejandro Pujante Pérez, Jorge María Merino García, Iris Cuevas Martínez and Antonio Jesús Jara Valera
An approach to monitoring particulate matter-based pollution using low-cost sensing (L) Nathan Kirk, Jose Santos, Joseph Rafferty, Peter Nicholl and Ciara Campbell
Smart Environments
Friday, December 2nd (08:30h – 11:00h | 11:30h – 12:30h)
Integration of the resource of electric energy into Enterprise-Resource-Planning for the Compliance of EU policies (L) Julian Rodlauer, Sebastian Junghans, Martin Trommer, Tobias Teich and Sven Leonhardt
Synthetic generation of electrical consumption traces in smart homes (L) Carlos García-Rubio, Celeste Campo and Marta Moure-Garrido
Linguistic summaries for dwellings energy poverty monitoring (L) David Díaz Jiménez, Javier Medina Quero, Alicia Montoro Lendínez, José Luis López Ruiz and Macarena Espinilla
Ambient Monitoring System for Contagion Risk Assessment of Airborne Transmission Diseases in the Hospitality Industry (L) Juan Luis Leal, Andrés Lorenzo Bleda, Miguel Ángel Beteta, Rafael Maestre and Sergio Eduardo Abbenante
An Approach to Extract and Compare Metadata of Human Activity Recognition (HAR) Data Sets (L) Gulzar Alam, Ian McChesney, Peter Nicholl and Joseph Rafferty
Challenges and opportunities for the recognition of human activity in supervised flats (S) Ángel Lloret, Juan C. Valera, David Gil, Jesús Peral, Antonio Ferrández and Sandra Amador
Extended Belief Rule Base Model with Novel Rule Generation for Sensor-based Human Activity Recognition under Big Data (L) Tian-Yu Ren, Long-Hao Yang, Chris Nugent, Fei-Fei Ye, Naomi Irvine and Jun Liu
A software tool and a metamodel for digital twins of inhabited smart environments (L) Luis Cabañero-Gómez, Alejandro Perez-Vereda, Chris Nugent, Ian Cleland, Ramon Hervas and Iván González
Overcoming the lack of data to improve prediction and treatment of individuals with autistic spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (L) María del Mar Guillén, Sandra Amador, Jesús Peral, David Gil and Aya Elouali
ThermalYOLO, a person detection neural network in thermal images (L) Marcos Lupión Lorente, Aurora Polo Rodríguez, Pilar Martínez Ortigosa and Javier Medina Quero
Clustering Study of Vehicle Behaviors Using License Plate Recognition (L) Daniel Bolaños-Martinez, Maria Bermudez-Edo and Jose Luis Garrido
Reliability Analysis of Smart Home Sensor Systems Based on Probabilistic Model Checking (L) Xia Wang, Jun Liu, Chris D. Nugent, Samuel J. Moore and Yang Xu
A review of artificial intelligence methods for detection of gatherings and abnormal events for public security (L) Rafael Rodrigo Guillén, Higinio Mora Mora and Jorge Azorín López
User - Smart Building interactions: an analysis of privacy and productivity human factors (L) Edwin Brenes, Jorge Chavarría, Diego Murillo, Lucía Sanahuja, Sheng Wang, Adrián Lara, Gustavo López and Luis Quesada
Agent theory: Shared effort estimate at incentive design. (L) Fernando Turrado García, Ana Lucila Sandoval Orozco, Pilar García Pineda and Luis Javier García Villalba
Designing a context-aware smart notifications system for precision agriculture (L) Jose A. Brenes, Francisco Javier Ferrández Pastor, Gustavo López and Gabriela Marín Raventós
Cybersecurity, Network Analysis and Monitoring for the Next Generation Internet
Friday, December 2nd (12:30h – 14:00h)
A hybrid approach to ephemeral PKI credentials validation and auditing (L) Daniel Díaz-Sánchez, Florina Almenarez, Andrés Marín Lopez and María Isabel Rojo Rivas
Android malware detection through a pre-trained model for code understanding (S) Eva García-Soto, Alejandro Martín, Javier Huertas-Tato and David Camacho
Real-time network auditing system based on low-cost IoT devices (L) Pedro Fernández-Arruti Gallego, Alejandro Mosteiro Vázquez, Francisco J. Nóvoa, Diego Fernández and Carlos Dafonte
A review on continuous-variable Quantum Key Distribution security (L) Aida Garcia Callejo, Andres Ruiz Chamorro, Daniel Cano and Veronica Fernandez
Generation and classification of illicit Bitcoin transactions (L) Pablo de Juan Fidalgo, Carmen Cámara and Pedro Peris-Lopez
Cloud vs Serverless Computing: A Security Point of View (L) José Manuel Ortega Candel, Aya Elouali, Francisco José Mora Gimeno and Higinio Mora
Following negationists on Twitter and Telegram: Application of NCD to the analysis of multiplatform misinformation dynamics (S) Alfonso de Paz, Manuel Suárez, Santiago Palmero, Sara Degli Esposti and David Arroyo
Human-Computer Interaction for AmI
Friday, December 2nd (08:30h – 11:00h)
Modeling Interactions and Awareness Capabilities of Mobile Collaborative Systems (L) Alejandro Luman, Maximiliano Canché, Sergio Ochoa and Daniel Perovich
Gesture Coding: Easing the Introduction to Block-Based Programming Languages with Motion Controls (L) Sebastián Toro-Guajardo, Emilio Lizama and Francisco J. Gutierrez
LEDBoard: Using visual feedback to support text entry with physical keyboards (L) Andreas Komninos, Vassilios Kavvathas and Ioulia Simou
Using Crowdsensing to Uncover the Emotional and Subjective Well-Being Perceptions of Children in Underserved Urban Environments (L) Miguel Ylizaliturri, J. Antonio Garcia-Macias, Monica Tentori and Leocundo Aguilar
"Matching learning": Profiling and clustering users on Tinder based on emotion and sentiment analysis (L) Esperanza Johnson, Alfonso Barragán, Laura Villa, Jesus Fontecha, Ivan Gonzalez and Ramon Hervas
Challenges and Opportunities for Designing Technology-Based Ecological Momentary Interventions (EMIs) in Mental Health (L) Leonardo J. Gutierrez, Luis A. Castro and Oresti Banos
Design and Evaluation of a Smart Environment with a Conversational Agent for Mindful Eating (L) Mario Parra, Jesus Favela and Luis Castro
Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment of Video Games Using Biofeedback (L) Elías Zelada and Francisco J. Gutierrez
Opportunistic sensing of behavioural data to prioritise smartphone notifications in the wild (S) Rashid Kamal, Chris Nugent, Ian Cleland and Paul McCullagh
A face-tracking method for estimating cadence on treadmills (S) Carlos Marín-Lora, Micaela Yanet Martín and Miguel Chover
VR Hand Gesture Preferences Analysis for Primary School Children (L) Maximiliano Edwards, Nelson Baloian and Jose A. Pino
Designing a game for haptic interfaces to uncover gestural pattern in children (S) Ivonne Monarca, Yingying Yuki Chen, Audrey Bichelmeir, Kayla Anderson, Monica Tentori and Franceli L. Cibrian